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We will carry out the deletion work of old YouTube Movie little by little from today.
This work is a measure to improve the overall quality of the site. (August 18, 2018)

2018.09.17 : renewed and YouTube uploaded Franco Micalizzi/Bargain With The Devil(from "Chi Sei?")
2018.09.17 : renewed and YouTube uploaded Rainbow/Man On The Silver Mountain
2018.09.17 : renewed and YouTube uploaded Rainbow/Kill The King
2018.06.16 : old YouTube deleted Dire Straits/Lady Writer
2018.09.16 : old YouTube deleted Jhon Miles/MUSIC
2018.09.16 : renewed and YouTube uploaded Jhon Miles/You Have It All
2018.09.15 : renewed and YouTube uploaded Hold On/Santana
2018.09.15 : renewed and YouTube uploaded Moonflower/Santana
2018.09.15 : renewed and YouTube uploaded Burn/Deep Purple
2018.09.12 : renewed and YouTube uploaded Layla/Eric Clapton
2018.09.11 : old YouTube deleted Mike Oldfield/Foreign Affair
2018.09.10 : YouTube uploaded Separate Ways/Journey
2018.09.10 : renewed and YouTube uploaded Barracuda/Heart
2018.09.09 : renewed and YouTube uploaded Jump/Van Halen
2018.09.08 : renewed and YouTube uploaded Choices/Uriah Heep
2018.09.05 : YouTube uploaded Year Of The Cat/Al Stewart
2018.09.05 : renewed and YouTube uploaded Fool For Your Loving/Whitesnake
2018.09.05 : renewed and YouTube uploaded Scuttle Buttin'/Stevie Ray Vaughan
2018.09.04 : renewed and YouTube uploaded Separate Ways/Journey
2018.09.03 : YouTube uploaded Andre Popp/L'amour est bleu(Love Is Blue)
2018.09.02 : old YouTube deleted Alan Silvestri/"Van Helsing" Sound Track
2018.09.01 : renewed and YouTube uploaded Gypsies, Tramps And Thieve/CHER
2018.09.01 : renewed and YouTube uploaded Europe After The Rain/JOHN FOXX
2018.08.31 : renewed and YouTube uploaded Mount Teidi/Mike Oldfield
2018.08.30 : renewed and YouTube uploaded Lucifer/Alan Parsons Project
2018.08.29 : renewed and YouTube uploaded Jungle Gardenia/Mike Oldfield
2018.08.28 : renewed and YouTube uploaded Incantations/Mike Oldfield
2018.08.27 : renewed and YouTube uploaded Never Let Go/Camel
2018.08.26 : renewed and YouTube uploaded Lunar Sea/Camel
2018.08.26 : renewed and YouTube uploaded Rhayader/Camel
2018.08.26 : renewed and YouTube uploaded She's My Kind of Girl / Bjorn and Benny(ABBA)
2018.08.25 : renewed and YouTube uploaded This Is Not America / David Bowie, Pat Metheny

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Please note! All that is here is cover backing track


The Look Of Love: full size backing track

Al Stewart

ANTARCTICA: Flute/E.Guitar Solo Loop
Year Of The Cat: Some Backing Tracks

Alan Parsons Project

Lucifer: Backing Track/ for Lead Keybord

Alan Silvestri

"Van Helsing" Soundtrack: Excerpted Backing Track Loop


You Can Do Magic: full size backing track

Andre Popp

L'amour est bleu (LOVE IS BLUE): Some backing tracks

Barry Gray

JOE90 opening theme: full size backing track
Thunderbirds Variation : full size, basic loop backing track
UFO opening titles: full size backing track

Bjorn and Benny(ABBA)

She's My Kind of Girl: Full Length KARAOKE


Don't Look Back: Solo Loop


Air Born: Flute Solo Backing Track Loop
Another Night : Guitar Solo Pattrern Backing Track Loop / for E.Guitar
Lunar Sea: Guitar Solo Pattrern Backing Track Loop
Never Let Go: Guitar Solo Backing Track
Rhayader: Flute Pattrern Backing Track Loop


DREAM POLICE : Backing Track / for Vocal,Guitar


Gypsies, Tramps and Thieve: Full Length Backing Track

Dave Mason

All Along the Watchtower: full size backing track

David Bowie

This Is Not America: Backing Track

Deep Purple

Burn: Some Backing Track Loops

Dire Straits

Lady Writer: Basic Pattern Loop
SULTANS OF SWING: Ending Guitar Solo Loop

Doobie Brothers

Long Train Runnin': Intro Backing Track Loop

Ennio Morricone

Dedicato al mare Egeo From the movie "Dedicato al mare Egeo": full size backing track
Regan's Theme (from "EXORCIST II/The Heretic"): full size backing track

Eric Clapton

Forever Man: full size backing track
Layla: RIFF Backing Track Loop

Eric Serra

The Diva Dance From the movie The Fifth Element: full size backing track


Waiting For A Girl Like You: near full size backing track

Franco Micalizzi

Bargain With The Devil(from "Chi Sei?"): Basic Pattern Backing Track Loop / for E.Bass


Barracuda: Intro Backing Track Loop


Beyond: full size backing track

Isaac Hayes

Theme From Shaft: full size backing track
Cafe Regio's: full size backing track

James Horner

The Devil's Own - Main Title : Backing Track / for Uilleann Pipes

Janis Ian



Europe After The Rain: Full Length Backing Track

John Miles

Music: Solo Backing Track Loop
You Have It All: Finale Backing Track

Jon Lord

Bach Onto This: Near Full Size Cover Backing Track


Separate Ways: full size backing track
Who's Crying Now: full size backing track


THE SENSUAL WORLD: Near Full Size Backing Track


I Was Made For Lovin' You: full size backing track
Love Gun: full size backing track

The Knack

My Sharona : Backing Track / for Vocal,Guitar

Loreena Mckennitt

Skellig: full size backing track

Maggie Reilly

Every Single Heartbeat: near full size backing track
Everytime We Touch'98: near full size backing track

Mike Oldfield

Amarok: African Drums Backing Pattern Loop
Blue Night: full size backing track
Crime Of Passion: Intro Pattern Backing Track Loop
DARK ISLAND : Backing Track / for Mandolin
Foreign Affair: full size KARAOKE
Incantations : Some Backing Track Loops / for E.Guitar, Vocal
IN THE POOL: full size backing track
INNOCENT: full size backing track
Jungle Gardenia: Some Backing Track / for E.Guitar
Moonlight Shadow: full size, solo loop backing track
Mount Teidi: Intro Pattern Backing Track Loop
Muse: full size backing track
North Point: full size backing track
Ommadawn : Some Backing Track / for Classic Guitar, Recorder, E.Guitar, Vocal, Harp etc.
On Horseback : KARAOKE / for Vocal
Pictures in the Dark: full size backing track
Platinum: Part4 North Star Full Size Backing Track
Taurus III: full size backing track
To France: full size backing track
TRICK OF THE LIGHT : Ending Loop Backing Track / for E.Guiatr
Tubular Bells: Some Backing Track Loops
Tubular Bells II : Some Backing Track Loops / for Piano, A.Guiatr

Olivia Newton-John

Have You Never Been Mellow: full size backing track
Jolene: full size backing track

Pat Metheny Group

This Is Not America: Full Length KARAOKE

Patrice Rushen

Forget Me Nots: full size, solo loop backing track

Paul Mauriat

L'amour est bleu (LOVE IS BLUE): Oboe Pattern Loop


WALKING ON MUSIC: Near Full Size Backing Track

Peter White

Bittersweet: basic pattern loop
City Of Lights: basic pattern loop


Kill The King: Riff Backing Track Loop
Man On The Silver Mountain: Riff Backing Track Loop

Raymond Wong

"Shaorine Soccer"-Opening: full size backing track


Hold On: Intro Backing Track Loop
Moonflower: Basic Pattrern Backing Track Loop


SCARBOROUGH FAIR/CANTICLE : Backing Track / for Vocal,Guitar

Stevie Ray Vaughan

Scuttle Buttin': Basic Pattern Backing Track Loop


ENGLISHMAN IN NEW YORK : Backing Track / for Vocal,Guitar

Tangerine Dream

Stratosfear '95: near full size backing track

Uriah Heep

Choices: Riff Backing Track Loop

Van Halen

Jump: Guitar Solo Backing Track Loop

Vicky Leandros

L'amour est bleu (LOVE IS BLUE): full size backing track

Viola Martinsson

Made of: full size backing track


Fool For Your Loving: RIFF Backing Track Loop

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BT12 announcement
Scheduled to be released in 2018

01.Antractica/AL STEUWART
04.Dont look back/BOSTON
05.SULTANS OF SWING/Dire Straits
06.Lady Writer/Dire Straits
08.SCUTTLE BUTTIN/Stevie Ray Vaughan
09.Jump/Van Halen
11.Choises/Uriah Heep
(Changes are possible)

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All Backing tracks Performed by arcrab

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