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BT11 【配信終了】

(Backing Tracks for Practice VOL.11)
楽器練習用伴奏集 第11集


BT10 【配信終了】

(Backing Tracks for Practice VOL.10)
楽器練習用伴奏集 第10集

・木枯らしの少女/ビヨルン & ベニー

Backing Tracks for Practice VOL.9 【配信終了】

- Mike Oldfield Songs Part2 -
楽器練習用伴奏集 第9集
Jun 29, 2015

・DARK ISLAND (Excerpt) / Mike Oldfield
・Jungle Gardenia / Mike Oldfield
・INNOCENT / Mike Oldfield
・Blue Night / Mike Oldfield
・North Point / Mike Oldfield
・Pictures in the Dark / Mike Oldfield
・TRICKS OF THE LIGHT (Excerpt) / Mike Oldfield
・Foreign Affair / Mike Oldfield

Backing Tracks for Practice VOL.8 【配信終了】

楽器練習用伴奏集 第8集
Jun 11, 2015

・You Are Love / Janis Ian
・WALKING ON MUSIC / Peter Jacques Band
・The look of love / ABC
・Europe After The Rain / John Foxx
・SCARBOROUGH FAIR / Simon & Garfunkel

Backing Tracks for Practice VOL.7 【配信終了】

楽器練習用伴奏集 第7集
November 16, 2014

・ANTARCTICA (Excerpt) / Al Stewart
・Rhayader (Excerpt) / CAMEL
・Air Born (Excerpt) / CAMEL
・Never Let Go (Excerpt) / CAMEL
・SULTANS OF SWING (Excerpt) / Dire Straits

Backing Tracks for Practice VOL.6 【配信終了】

- "Bach Onto This" and backing chips -
September 30, 2014

・Bach Onto This (Excerpt) / Jon Load
・Don't Look Back (Excerpt) / Boston
・Lady Writer (Excerpt) / Dire Straits
・Long Train Runnin' (Excerpt) / Doobie Brothers
・Hold On (Excerpt) / Santana
・Moonflower (Excerpt) / Santana
・Fool For Your Loving (Excerpt) / Whitesnake

Backing Tracks for Practice VOL.5 【配信終了】

- "Sound Tracks -
September 18, 2014

・ヴァン・ヘルシング (Excerpt)

Backing Tracks for Practice VOL.4 【配信終了】

September 9, 2014

・Stratosfear (Near full size) / Tangerine Dream
・Lucuifer / Alan Parsons Project
・Forget Me Nots / Patrice Rushen
・City Of Lights (Excerpt) / Peter White
・Bittersweet (Excerpt) / Peter White

Backing Tracks for Practice VOL.3 【配信終了】
- Mike Oldfield Guitar -

August 30, 2014

・In The Pool / Mike Oldfield
・MUSE / Mike Oldfield
・Platinum Part 4 / Mike Oldfield
・Incantations Part 2 (Excerpt) / Mike Oldfield
・Incantations Part 4 (Excerpt) / Mike Oldfield
・Jungle Gardenia (Excerpt) / Mike Oldfield
・Crime Of Passion (Excerpt) / Mike Oldfield
・Taurus 3 / Mike Oldfield
・To France / Mike Oldfield
・Clear Light (Excerpt) / Mike Oldfield
・Sentinel (Excerpt) / Mike Oldfield

Backing Tracks For Practice VOL.2 【配信終了】
-Backing Chips for Repeat Playing-

June 29, 2014

・Lunar Sea (Excerpt) / Camel
・Another Night (Excerpt) / Camel
・All Along The Watchtower (Excerpt) / Dave Mason
・Year Of The Cat (Excerpt) / Al Stewart
・Layla (Excerpt) / Derek and the Dominos
・Forever Man (Excerpt) / Eric Clapton
・Who's Crying Now (Excerpt) / Journey
・Separate Ways (Excerpt) / Journey
・Jump (Excerpt) / Van Halen
・Burn (Excerpt) / Deep Purple
・Kill The King (Excerpt) / Deep Purple
・Scuttle Buttin' (Excerpt) / Stevie Ray Vaughan
・LOVE GUN (Excerpt) / Kiss
・Barracuda (Excerpt) / Heart

Backing Tracks For Practice VOL.1 【配信終了】

June 7, 2014

・Every Single Heartbeat / Maggie Reilly
・Everytime We Touch'98 / Maggie Reilly