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Cafe Regio's - Isaac Hayes

C: Backing Pattern Loop

Title: 3min COVER "Cafe Regio's" from "SHAFT" Backing Pattern Loop for Guitar
without Guitar
Mixed on 2019-10-05 (MIX02LOOP)
Mastered on 2019-10-05 (MIX02LOOP-MASTER01B)

B: Full Size Cover Backing Track as BT11 free version

Cover: Cafe Regio's from SHAFT
with Sample Guitar
Mixed on 2019-03-03 (MIX02)
Mastered on 2019-03-03 (MIX02-MASTER01)

A: Full Size Cover Backing Track

without Electric Guitar
Sales information: BT11(Backing Tracks for Practice VOL.11)
short DEMO version is available:
Mixed on 12 February 2018 (MIX01)
Mastered on 13 February 2018 (MIX01-MASTER01)

Key and Basic Chord Progression

not provide

Track Overview