Pictures in the Dark

Full Length Backing Track

Pictures in the Dark - Mike Oldfield (Cover, Vocal and Guitar less)

Full Size Backing Track (Vocal and Guitar less)
Mixed on 2023-09-21 (MIX05)
Mastered on 2023-09-21 (MASTER01)

Previous version

without Vocal and Guitar
Sales information: BT9(Backing Tracks for Practice VOL.9) delivery stopped
YouTube version is available:
Remixed on August 08, 2018 (MIX04)
Mastered on August 08, 2018 (MIX04-MASTER01)

Key and Basic Chord Progression

Key: E (C#m)
Basic Chord Progression: E B C#m A B E A E B Bsus4 ......

Track Overview

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